Welcome to Online @ BSE!

About O @ BSE

Online @ BSE is a teaching and research hub within UC Berkeley School of Education that creates online and hybrid opportunities for teaching and learning that centers access, inclusion, and innovation and promotes the training of equity-driven researchers, teachers, and leaders. 

Long Term Vision

Our long term vision for Online @ BSE:

  1. Become a laboratory for research and innovation focused on how technology can transform instruction and learning to make success and excellence more inclusive—for groups and individuals, from preschool children to the professional development of in-service teachers.

  2. Promote equity by making high-quality content accessible through flexible yet robust and rigorous remote instruction.

  3. Combine synchronous sessions and asynchronous learning opportunities that leverage our innovative learning modules and state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom to foster high-engagement and build social presence among learners.

  4. Apply high-touch technologies to train teachers in engaging and efficient ways in high needs professional development areas (e.g., pre-K, dual-language learning, art education). 

Project Priorities

Our current priorities include

  1. Providing the Berkeley School of Education support for the design and creation of online and hybrid courses and certificates for in-service and aspiring Early Childhood Education and Expanded Learning educators.

  2. Creating opportunities for faculty and graduate students to teach, research, and evaluate innovative approaches in online/hybrid pedagogy.